Very much spoil the appearance of knitted products, when the edges tight or too loose. To avoid this defect, you need to pay special attention to vyvazhivanii region, so they are not screwed in and not hanging. It reaches this way of working, with when knitting first and last St vymazat different from the rest of the loops of this row. There are many ways of vyvazhivanija data extreme loops that are apochalypse (smoothed), knotty (gear) and others. Apotherapy (smooth) edge. In this method, knit facial loops, and the loop number always shoot nepovezane, and the last is always the front. As a result of this way of working with both sides of the door hinges to form a chain, where each loop corresponds to two rows of the sample. Vyvazhivanie this region is mostly when you need to dial at one end of all the loops that will be knit in the opposite direction.

Knotty (scalloped) edge.

1 way. In the beginning of each of the first loop take back, not promazyvaya it, leave the thread under the needle; knit the second loop there. At the end of each row the last two loops vymazat always there. Such a region is uniform and when it get particularly clean edges. It usually do when knitting socks, because it is not twisted and is especially recommended during the knitting of ties, scarves and so on.

2 way. When edges that should be joined without a binder, use the following method binding. On the front side of the sample in the first loop the front, and it is not promazyvayut; the second loop wrong and the whole series to the penultimate loop of the front loops. This loop vymazat inside out, and taking the last of it and there is no promazyvayut, working thread is back. On the reverse side of the sample all the loops wrong.

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