Knitting Raglan we have previously talked in the article Knitting products with Raglan sleeve. In this article we will look at some examples of specific things how to knit a children's cardigan and dress with Raglan sleeves.

Raglan from the bottom up Children's cardigan Raglan

Children's cardigan short sleeve "Raglan", a round neck (figure 567).

Figure 567.

For the jumpers on the 4-year-old child, you need 200 grams of woolen yarn. The jumper is linked to the pattern (figure 568), which is squares.

Figure 568.

Jumper knit pattern (figures 569, 570). When reached the armhole of the sleeve, the Raglan form in the following way: at the beginning and at the end of the spokes subtract from 3 loops, then every odd row 2 first and last St knit in garter viscous, and after and before the garter viscous promazyvayut 2 stitches together purl.

Figure 569.

Figure 570.

On the back 8 cm from the neck to form a closure: mid back gain 2 loop (figure 571), and knit each shoulder separately.

Figure 571.

The zipper knit 4 garter loops viscous. Similarly knit the second shoulder. When the jumper is ready, the bottom edge of the fastener impose one on another and quietly sew. Around the neck of the loop gain and promazyvayut garter viscous 4-5 rows.

Raglan dress for girls
Figure 572.

The dress is produced from a wool blend yarn. For finishing you will need white and brown yarn. Needles 2,5 mm.

For the formation of the cells of the knit fabric, alternating the front 9 rows and 2 rows of trim one color and 2 rows of trim a different color. Are finished 12 rows of main color, 4 brown and 2 rows white.

Figure 573. Drawing back

Figure 574. Drawing sleeves

Figure 575. A drawing of the front

Flirty fit elastic 1x1 and hosiery knitting. The right side of the yoke knit elastic 1x1, left and hosiery knitting. The left side will visiem "tambour" stitch leaves. Since the horizontal trim strip are connected in the main picture, the vertical stripes on the cells we have embroidered "tambour" stitch: 1 row of white and brown near. The finished yoke primaryvel cord with 2 tassels. Sleeve sewn in.

Products with Raglan knitted from the top down Blouse with Raglan sleeve for girl 3 years
Figure 576. Blouse with Raglan sleeve for girls

Material: 100 g blue wool, spokes № 2,5.

Knitting patterns: "flower" 17 loops, including 1 St on each side edge.

  • 1st row- 7 front, 1 knot, i.e., one loop provyazat 5 loops without removing from the spokes (1 purl, 1 front, 1 purl, 1 front, 1 purl), 7 facial;
  • 2nd row-purl 7, 5 loops (knot) promazyvayut together inside out, purl 7;
  • 3rd row- 6 front, 1 knot, 1 facial, 1 knot, 6 front;
  • 4th row-purl 6, 5 loops (knot) promazyvayut together inside out, purl 6;
  • 5th row: as 1st row;
  • 6th row- as 2nd row.

This blouse is connected from the gate of alternating wide stripes with narrow, related "rope", i.e. front loops on the face and the underside of the work and strip flower.

Figure 577. Drawing patterns

Gaining 92 of the loop and knit the neck band 2x2, alternating 2 front and 2 reverse loops, with a height of 2 cm and distribute all loops in the following way: 11 of the loops on half of the back, 22 loops on the cuffs, 22 loops on the front, 22 loops on the 2nd and 11 in the form of loops in the 2nd half of the back. The remaining 4 hinge connectors and are intended for the formation of lines of the Raglan on both sides of which are made of nakedy: 8 loops in each front row.

Thus distributing the loop knitting: 11 loops facial, and then 1 yo, 1 front, 1 yo, 22 front loop, 1 yo, 1 front, 1 yo, 22 front, 1 yo, 1 front, 1 yo, 22 front, 1 yo, 1 front, 1 yo, 11 front. On the reverse side, all loops, including nakedi, promazyvayut inside out. So just knit 7 rows hosiery knitting, adding to each the front row for 8 loops.

Further bands of pattern alternating in the following order: 1 row of front loops on the wrong side; 3 rows of hosiery knitting; 1 row of facial loops on the wrong side; 3 rows of hosiery knitting; 6 ranks of the "rope", i.e. front loops on the wrong side (2 rows, knit facial loops, feel for 1 row of "rope"); 4 rows hosiery knitting; strip "little flower" (knit by the given description) 4 number of hosiery knitting; 6 ranks of the "rope"; 3 rows hosiery knitting; 1 row of front loops on the wrong side; 3 rows of hosiery knitting; 1 row of facial loops on the underside.

Thus all parts of a knitted blouse together as long as the length of the Raglan reaches 12 cm (figure 577).

Next, move on hosiery knitting and knit all the pieces separately. For this loop both sleeves and half the back removed on the pins and only knit 12 cm in front of the hosiery knitting down and finish elastic 2x2 height of 4 cm and Then transferred to the pins on the needle loops of both halves of the back, join them and knit the same as before, 12 cm down. Finish the back with a rubber band 2x2 height 4 cm Then transferred alternately to the pins on the spokes of the loops of the sleeves and knit them unchanged down 2-3 cm Finish the sleeves are also elastic band 2x2 with a height of 2 cm.

The finished sweater is folded in half, sew front to back at the height of the sides and without taking the thread, sew the sleeves. Crochet a chain drawstring of the same threads that knit camisole, with a length of 12 cm and sew it to the cut edge of the right half of the back, leaving room for loops are sewn. The left side of the slit backless sew 5 buttons, then the shirt is slightly stripped from the inside using a wet cloth.

Useful tips

Ironing the product is not dry. Need to finish Ironing when the fabric is still going pairs.

Dress for girl in a cage associated with the use of knitting of different density. Carefully pick up the yarn of the same thickness.

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