Enough to be able to knit the front surface and the elastic band to be able to associate the extraordinary form of the Bolero. But there is still a secret is associated with one leaf, two shelves, left and right, and lower back. But the sleeves and upper back portion are sewn to the main part.
So, will be required for Bolero size 40 :
- 200 g of yarn Pingouin Sedificada (composition: 70% acrylic, 30% wool; 1 skein weight: 100g, length 167м) the color purple (1417);
- Spokes number to 6.5;
- one button.
The main technique knit:
The front surface of: persons. series - persons. p; Phi.a number of Phi.p.
- 2x3: alternating 2 izenave., 3 facial.

- 2x2: 2 alternating facial., 2 izenave.

Elastic 2 x 2 alternately 2 persons. loop, 2-loop Phi.
Gum 3 x 2: alternately 2 stitches Phi., 3 loops.
Facial surface needs to be knit with density: 10 x 10 cm = 20 p. and 15 p.

Binding lower part of the back with two shelves

For starters, you need to gain 50 p. and knit detail. First, the gum 2 x3, then using the 105 cm in height (counting from the first series), p. 15 stepping back from the right edge, knit into the hole, further, release the buttons. And after 109 cm in height closed loop.

Knit upper backrest

In order to start knitting the front stitch, you will need to score 70 p. Moreover, in order to formed of reglan, you need to close 25 times in every second row 1. the one and the other. Next knit elastic band 2x2 3 cm high

Knit sleeves

Dial 48 p. and knit into the elastic band 2x2 a height of 6 cm continue to knit the facial surface, remembering that in every 12th row, you need to add 1 p. a Total of six times. Provatas 46 cm in height , close to 2. for Raglan from both sides, 1 time. And then another 25 times, but at 1 p. And at the end to close all the loops.

Collect model

First prepare the side seams and regennia. Then you can do the right shelf. This sewn the first 3 cm strips, which were tied with a rubber band 2x3, 3 cm of the neckline backless. Then the strip is sewn to a 6 cm right sleeve with the top edge and 23 cm Raglan sleeves. Further sewn to the lower part of the backrest following a 45 cm strip. And now is sewn on the left shelf to the left of the Raglan cuffs 23 cm by 6 cm of the left cuffs at the top and finally 3 cm to 3 cm of the neckline backless. There remains only the execution of the seams of the sleeves and sewing buttons to the left shelf.

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