You'll need

Harsh canvas length 40 cm, width 140 cm; lining length 50 cm, width 120 cm; filament embroidery thread in 6 additions of red, yellow, blue colors; embroidery needle; diagram of the pattern in full size; embroidery; tracing paper; transfer paper; pencil.


In the upper part of the bag will be slightly narrower than at the bottom. Embroidery is adorned with only the top of the bag. The motif is edged with tassels of thread.

In embroidery uses a surface patch mesh, lace, pricipe, sutures looped "back needle", chain stitch, knots.

From the stern of the cloth should be cut 2 pieces for the front and rear of the bag dimensions 40 X 28 X 37 cm (this is length and width on the top and bottom edges of the bags) and 1 side item width 6 cm, length 117 cm. For handles take 2 strips with a length of 55 cm, width of 7 cm.

The diagram of the pattern life-size move motif on tracing paper. On the front side 1 parts place carbon paper on it — tracing. Circle all the lines in pencil. Remove the carbon paper and tracing paper, and fabric tension in the Hoop.

The petals of the large flower complete gladeui-mi stitches of thread of red color, having them across the petals. The middle of a complete invoice a grid a thread of blue. Put the stitches from left to right and from bottom to top at a slight angle. Over them lay the stitches from right to left and top to bottom. At intersections embroider with red thread crosses. The grid frame with a drawstring. First, make the circuit simple stitches, then every stitch of oblate thread.

Flowers medium in size, located on each side and slightly above, do the same.

Bells embroider thread blue oblique surface. Each stitch is put from the base to the edges very close to each other. Stamens normal embroider stitches thread yellow color. At the ends of each stitch run the bundle. For what, holding the needle parallel to the fabric, obvate her working thread 3 times. Then gently move the knots to the tissue, and a thread pull on the wrong side, tightening the knots.

Bottom flower begin to sew circles. Fill it with embroidery thread yellow color. Petals embroider by gladium roller thread red. In the middle of the flower do the invoice in the grid with threads of green, as in previous flowers. Prescripci make a yellow thread.

Large leaves complete the stitch. Small leaves panel seam "back needle". Why on the front side of the stitches lay in the opposite direction, the reverse — forward. In this case the stitches should be 2 times longer than on the front side.

The strands of embroider chain stitch — a number of loops in the chain. Make a loop and bring the needle in the middle of it on top of the thread. Form your next loop. Fill mugs embroidery thread yellow color.

The sides and bottom of the bag make the drawstring. First, make simple stitches of red thread. Then each stitch on the front side obvate blue thread.

On the lower sides of the motif area thread blue embroider buttonhole seam. Make vertical 1st stitch and stitch to the right of the diagonal form a loop. Start from the 1st stitch to the right side and complete the stitch on the wrong side from top to bottom. The loop should remain under the needle. Tighten the thread and follow the remaining stitches the same way. After knitting crochet brought under the loop from the bottom up folded in half bunch of threads in red. The ends of the beam pass in the formed loop down and tighten the beam brush is ready. The rest of the brush throughout the length of the buttonhole seam, do the same. Trim the tassel so that their length was equal to 2.5 cm.

Pin side detail of the bags to the front, right sides inside and sew and not near the sides. On the other hand the sides are pin back and sew exactly the same. Remove the bag on the front side and attrocity at a distance of 0.5 cm from the edge corners on the sides.

Details of lining fabric gather in a similar way. Strips for the handles, fold in half lengthwise, right sides inwards and sew. Turn on the front side, athlete and attrocity along the edges. Insert the lining into the bag from the main fabric. Tuck the upper sections inward and insert the handle between the parts. Delay upper cuts one seam pritchina and the handle (Fig. 86).

Bag with fringe

Figure 86. Bag with fringe

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