You'll need

Crinoline length 60 cm, width 140 cm; lining length 60 cm, width 140 cm; interlining adhesive fabric dimensions 50 X 100 cm; 1 bag of red beads; strands of floss in 4, 6 twists of orange, yellow, dark brown, dark green colors; scissors; embroidery needle; diagram of the pattern in full size; the Hoop, tracing paper, carbon paper, pencil, zip length 40 cm, sheet cardboard.


Embroidery will be located on the underside of the front part of the bag. Used gladeview stitches, stitches with pakracani, seams Kolosok, stalked, hidden.

Make some of the crinoline 2 pieces size 40 X 70 cm oval 40 X 10 cm From lining fabric cut with scissors the same items. One rectangular item put the diagram of the pattern using tracing paper, carbon paper, a simple pencil. Tuck the fabric in the Hoop.

First embroider marigolds yellow and orange thread in 4 additions. Every stitch, start with the center of the flower towards the edges. All make the stitches different lengths, alternating long with short.

The middle nails complete nodules temnokorichnevoj thread in 4 additions. Pull the needle thread on the front side and make around the needle a few turns from left to right. Insert the needle into the fabric near the exit point of the thread and pull the thread, tightening the knot at the same time.

The strands run stalked seam. Place the stitches at a slight angle, and they start in the middle of the previous one.

Marigolds embroider eyelets with pakracani blue and light blue thread in 2 additions. Each loop start at the center of the flower, form a loop. Then make prakrama in the middle of the loops. Marigolds decorate the center with red beads.

Embroider the leaves with a dark green thread in six additions. Each stitch should start near the stem. 1 point make a few stitches. Put them lot.

Twigs embroider seam "Kolosok." Run a seam from top to bottom. First make the middle stitches, then the side. Stick the needle into the fabric alternately from the right, on the left side of the middle stitches.

Fold the front and back of the bag from the main fabric, right sides and sew the sides, Ratatouille seams. To the lower edges of the bags pristrochite the bottom, pre-pinned the bottom edge of the bag to the edges of the bottom. Remove the bag on the front side. Assemble the parts of the lining fabric. Cut with scissors from cardboard oval dimensions 32 X 8cm and place on the bottom of the bag.

Insert the lining into the bag from the main fabric. Tuck the top edge of the bag and lining inside, invest in between the zipper tape and sew one stitch main and lining fabric braid zipper. The remaining open sections in the sides of the bag a hidden hem stitch, hide the end of the zippers inside the bags. Cut out the main fabric with stripes size 130 X 90 cm Duplicate its cushioning cloth. Fold along with tucked slices on the wrong side, and pure witchita. Cut the strip into 2 equal pieces and sew it to the top of the bag (Fig. 87).

Figure 87. Bag Marigold

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