Drawing long skirts of any model is prepared according to the above Rules. The biggest difficulty in the drawing of long skirts is the approximate calculation of the expansion.
Skirt length varies depending on fashion, sometimes it comes to sex.
Before you determine the length of skirts, study model. Take into account what form will have a skirt at the base.
Figure 466 dashed line between points A and b marks the line of the side cut straight skirt, and the line between points A and C line of the side cut of the extended skirt. The second line, of course, is longer than the first. Long skirts
You must also consider the height of the heels, during the fitting must be worn shoes that will be worn with this skirt.
Video long skirt is recommended for larger women. To provide freedom of movement during walking, the bottom of the skirt should be slightly expanded from the knee level.
The calculation of the width of the skirt is quite complicated, the ability to perform it depends on practice. Therefore, it is recommended to perform several models of long skirts.
Run the skirt consists of six wedges, each of which has a width of 80 cm at the bottom. The waist is a little wider than necessary.
Very often the long skirt width is calculated from width of fabric. Install the required yardage of fabric by multiplying the height of the patterns (plus allowance for seams) by the number of wedges.
Complete the drawing of the wedge in the following dimensions (figure 467): the width of the wedge at the top is 19 cm (15 cm plus two times 2 cm, dashed lines); the length of the wedge—105 cm; the width of the wedge at the bottom — 80 cm
Building a drawing of the wedge, subtract 2 cm from each side at the top to create a convexity, ending at 20 cm below the waist line (solid lines).
Optionally, you can provide an extra tuck in the middle of the wedge (dashed lines) Calculate in this case the waist with this tuck.
For the manufacture of skirts nesminaemoy use a light fabric. Cut six equal wedges, baste and sew them, leaving nistatinum the last seam on the plot with length equal to the length of the clasp.
Attach to the skirt, a narrow belt of the same fabric (belt width from 1.5 to 2 cm).
During the fitting of the excessive width of the skirt, take in the seams at the waist or constitute additional Darts or Assembly. Mark the location of the seams, reconcile them, if necessary, with the seams of the bodice.
All of the updates move on the drawing, to allow correct final pattern.
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