The degree of fit of the bodice is defined by fashion. Remove the copy of the base templates, mark the length, leaving 20 cm down from waist line (see figure 84). Tuck semi-fitted bodice
For the figure of normal stature tuck should be a depth of 2 cm on the front and the back of the bodice and 1.5 cm lateral to the cut. For shapes with a thinner waist, Darts at the waist front, back and side should be the same depth as in the first case (for the blouse with the same fit). For a figure with a large waistline Darts should be the same depth as in the previous two cases. On the front and the back bodice draw a new line tucks (solid lines).
The bodice will tuck draw two straight lines connecting 2 or 3 cm below the original tuck (as it is less deep and can be shortened).
Continue the line down and connect them at the level of the hem with the main lines of Darts. Connect the bottom point of the openings with the intersection of the lines of the bottom and side of the slice (see the dashed lines in figure 84). From this line lay aside. cut the desired groove (1.5 cm ), connect the resulting points by straight lines, with the lower point of the armhole and continue with them down, slightly bent.
The value of the solution tucks can be clarified during the fitting; it must be remembered that deepen tuck easier than to expand the product
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