Relief, which goes tuck is from the line of the shoulder cut in the place where the halter bra.
On the patterns, translated with a base, put on the line of the shoulder cut back the point where to end the line of relief. Do this as follows: measure the two plot lines of the shoulder of the front cut and transfer those measurements to the line of the shoulder cut of the back, laying one from the line of openings, the other from the neck. Cut remaining between them is the depth of the tuck (figure 120).
Shoulder tuck backrest must be in the line of relief. This movement tuck does not change the fit of the product on the figure, does not have sharp protruding blades. The shoulder tuck is not associated with a tuck from the neck, it stays in its place.
From the intended point on the line of the shoulder cut that is closer to the line of the neck, swipe a slightly curved line of the terrain, smoothly linking her with the top of the Darts at the waist.
The skirt, from the tuck end, slide down a line parallel to the middle of the back.
Before cutting the pattern along the line of the terrain, mark the marks needed for product installation (the notch in the slices; dash to the ends of the Darts; the dash separates the line of the neck back and shoulder, etc .) ; this must be done on all the running patterns.
On the line of the relief in the ends of the Darts on the notch designate with the letters a and b, close the new shoulder dart of the back and align the line of the shoulder cut.
To indicate the direction of grain lines on the parts midway between the side lines of the cut and relief of back and forehand swipe the dashed lines, parallel lines, and the middle of the back and front.
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