Swag, rolling in de ruff



1) draw the intended fold of the fabric (at an angle of 45°) perpendicular. Which pushes the middle of the equilateral putative Smad-size (1), plus allowances for processing 7 (10) cm.

А3а = A - A1A2 = 7 - 10 cm

А3А2 - mid Smad = value (1) + 14 (20) cm (for processing)

2) On the bend pushes the depth of the Smad - value (3) coefficient (2)

B = value (3) x k (2)
3) At the expected bend from point B lay off 1/2 the depth of the Smad veicina (3)
BV =1/2 value (3)
4) From point B hold perpendicular to the bend across the width of the fabric (1.40 m)
5) From point To conduct an arc equal to the lower of the SAG (4) obtained by measurement to the perpendicular from point B
6) Connecting the points A3 and G, A2 and also G1, receive the shoulders of the Smad with the k build to a depth of laying folds
7) Г1Д - the value of de frill on the roof with the k build to a depth of laying folds
8) From point D spend the perpendicular l - 1.45 m (width of fabric)
9) DD1 - height frill de
10) ГД1 - arbitrary line the bottom of the SAG Smad, rolling in de ruff(depending on model).

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