Mechanical peracid, rolling in de ruff


l1 - the value of the right shoulder of peracid on the sketch (30 cm) to build
l2 - upper slack of peracid on the sketch (70 cm), obtained by measurement (80 cm)
l3 - the value of the left-shoulder parecida (75 cm)
l4 - the value of build de frill (75 cm)
l5 - the height of the side cut of the bell (75 cm)
l6 and l7 in - depth laid folds de frill and bell
l8 - the value of the lower of the SAG of peracid obtained by measuring (180 cm)
l9 - height de ruff (125 cm)

1) Defer the value of l5 for the warp threads (along the edge) AB = l5 = 75 cm
2) Defer the value of curved tucks BW = 37.5 cm
3) the Value of l2 (obtained by measurement) is also plotted along the warp threads
VG = l2 = 80 cm
4) the size of the curved tuck is divided BV an angle across the width of the fabric (1.40 m)
BC = CV = 18.75 cm
5) TSTS1 = 60 cm - depth of tuck.
6) we Then draw the arc equal to the values l3 and l4. БЦ1 = Ц1В = 75 cm
7) At an angle from point C1 is the construction of the bell (see building). Draw the lower section of the bell KK1 = 32 cm

Mechanical peracid, rolling in de ruff


8) the Value of l6 and l7 are formed at random from width of fabric.
ALREADY = l6 = 1.40 m; LCD = l7 = 80 cm
9) From point G with a radius equal to the value l1, draw the arc.
10) From point K1 models method (band weighting) pushes the value of the lower of the SAG l8 (obtained by measurement) to the arc drawn from the point G. the Intersection is point D.
11) GD - size right shoulder parecida, rolling in de ruff.
Mounting tapes primatives arc БЦ1В and GD.

Length (l) along the eaves - 1.20 m
Height (h) de ruff 1.25 m
Fabric consumption: 1.40 x 2.50 m

line primaqiune mounting tape
Width of mounting tape - 2 - 4 cm
Scale 1 : 20

When tightening the mounting tapes are formed by mechanical creases.
Laid de frill and peracid.
For the formation of bell at point C1 when participarii mounting tape lay a small (4-6 cm) box pleat.
The sections l5, l2, l8, KK1, l7, l6 handle double seam to the hem ("American").
If Your model requires additional decoration on the shoulder peracid and de frill to form a "rose". This is podkraj of the main fabric or finishing (fabric companion) and participantsa under the mounting tape, the arc БЦ1В.
When tightening the mounting tape is formed de frill, a bell, right shoulder parecida, decorated with "rose". Podkraj "rozana" can be made with k (2).

Mechanical peracid, rolling in de ruff

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