This stripe fabric is doubled spec. material: thermo bandeau, adhesive, bandeau, phleselin, dublerin, prolamin, glue crinoline, thermal synthetic padding, wood frame, etc.

The most common and used type of bandeau - thermo Bando.

It is a dense woven fabric, has one or two adhesive surfaces. Found thermo bandeau of different thickness. Thermo (t) is the temperature. So, the main (decorative) fabric is attached to the gang with the help of the steam generator.

The steam generator is a professional iron with a continuously smoothly supplied steam (by pressing a special button). Unlike conventional iron it heats up and cools down. Set temperature (for different types of fabrics - different temperature of heating) keeps the steam generator continuously, which provides a uniform decoherence tissues and eliminates burning.
Demirovi - shrinkage fabric.

The fabric to reveal utitsa using the steam generator with the upper and inner sides. Cotton and linen fabrics for decoherence soaked.

Is drawn form the bandeau on hard non-woven material (Bando). Respected all dimensions: length of ledge, length of turns of the cornice (if they are provided by the model), the height of the bandeau, bends, corners, decorative lines.

Cut the shape of a bandeau, to the exact size. no allowances for processing. Then cut out the main fabric with allowances for processing - 2 - 4cm (around the perimeter of the bandeau).

Paste (priorivet) base fabric to Bando steam generator from mid, in order to avoid distortions (very important when you have bands of the figure).

The individual strips or the application is better to make thermobond with two adhesive surfaces. After gluing and finishing details they are secured on the main form Bando (pritachivajut the finishing line - "in the region", repeating the necessary color of thread). Then for high-quality manufacture it is treated with a bandeau lining, which you should be productivity.

Pinned the lining on the front side bandeau without landing, but not pulling. Grind around the perimeter bandeau (except for the top of the slice) using the unilateral foot, retreating from the edge of the bandeau 3-4 mm for the formation of Kant. It is necessary that ka is not lining left on the front side well, since the thickness of the band and glued the main fabric is 2-3 mm.

Aligned tutuianu the lining of the stab on the top slice bandeau and fixed machine stitch, retreating from the edge of 3-4 mm. If the model has soft decorative items (Smad, parecida, de jabot, etc.), they are secured on the bandeau, observing the dimensions on the sketch.

The upper cut bandeau treated with Velcro - Velcro.

For this purpose, the upper the allowance for processing pritachivajut machine stitching soft Velcro, retreating from the edge of 3-4 mm, Velcro was not visible on the upper line of the bandeau.

The bottom edge of the Velcro fix manually hidden seam, to the lining, as hard lambrequin - bandeau - there should be no unnecessary lines.

The hard Velcro is on the ledge, which is attached to the bandeau.

Bracket - device for fixing various types of cornices. Sometimes wall or ceiling.
Limiters - device for fixing on the ledge or on the edges that prevent falling or movement of the rings or runners.
Runners - part slide mounted on the rail of the ledge.
Fleuron a decorative tip at the ledge (cone, sphere, swirl, animal head, etc.)
Ring - wood or metal-clad on cornice round (rod), intended for fastening of curtains, valances.
Holder decorative wooden or metal element, graceful shape, retaining soft drape curtains.
The drawstring is a simple way of hanging curtains. The upper edge of the curtain hem hem, taking account of the diameter of the ledge. In the cavity insert the ledge.

Hard lambrequin. Manufacturer Bando


Hard lambrequin. Manufacturer Bando

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