The position of the hands and thread is important when knitting . Hands should be bent in elbows and pressed to the body; way of holding yarn and needles determines the speed of knitting and the uniformity.

When knitting, there are several ways to hold the yarn: on your finger, neck and other.

The following describes the method which is the most widespread in our country and in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

I - motion. The ball is on the left, the working thread is put on the little finger of the left hand and passed between him and the ring finger. After that, the thread is wound one or more times on the index finger of the left hand, where it is removed with a needle.

This is the first provision provides for the settlement of the uniform motion of the yarn.

The thread runs from the little finger under the ring and middle fingers and is wound one or more times on the index finger.

II - movement. The position of both hands when knitting. The right arm is in a horizontal position above the needle that you hold with your thumb. The left hand should keep the possibility very still.

The last three fingers and the thumb of the left hand holding the needle. In essence, middle and ring fingers serve as reference points and forms a little finger hole for easy sliding of the thread.

In this position the working yarn reaches the required speed knitting and avoid unnecessary movements. Raising the filament and pulling it from the ring loop is carried out with the right hand in the same way as when running on a single hook. The left hand helps the knitting only lightly.

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