Along with products, knitted plain thread often and enjoy wearing and colorful blouses, sportswear, baby clothes and so on. Knitting hosiery knitting of multi-colored threads called jacquard or colorful knitting. Variegated knitting adapts to taste and fashion, allows for thousands of patterns and shades, which can emphasize and show personal taste and individuality and, in addition, enables to realize significant savings using the smallest remnants of colored yarn. Jacquard knitting is easily drawn on this model (diagram) that usually bordered on graph paper where each square corresponds to one loop.

Jacquard knitting is very dense, because the threads that are interleaved to obtain the shape of the model, not drop and go and remain on the wrong side. To obtain a uniform knitting, the thread that goes back, you should not pull with the intervention of different colors, and keep free, because otherwise it turns out very dense and inelastic fabric. But as these threads increase the thickness of the product, it is best that each color had a separate ball, if it allows the model. When knitting different shapes it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that at each change of a color of thread one and the other colors were mixed. Otherwise, the canvas holes and parts, knitted with different colors will not go well. Each time you change color you should always ensure that the loop of the bottom row was not too constricted, nor too loose, as in one, and in another case, a bad effect.

The last loop of each row knit the color that was used as the basis. Thread the main color and hold the left hand, and thread the other colors you can keep the right hand, successively alternating in accordance with the pattern that knit. For models with wider gaps between the main color and colorful designs, the main color yarn is distributed into small balls, whose number corresponds to the number of gaps between the colored patterns.

When it is necessary to obtain small patterns that are located at large distances from each other, it is better to sew, but not knit to the point that you start to embroider, knit cloth should be well ironed, after which it embroider sewing needle, reproducing loop.

When the patterns are repeated in two or three loops, threads of various colors must not be crossed, and the thread color that is not currently used, should be held back. This method of knitting is particularly suitable when the work thread only two colors.

For larger distances the string at the moment are not working, you can go by way of. In each of the front row, before you knit the front loop, the needle is introduced just above this thread and just below it, but this thread is in any case not allowed on the front side.

These diagonal colored stripes make when knitting jumpers commonly with elongated neck.

These lanes are the easiest to knit in the same way that knitting jacquard knitting, the diagonal stripes are applied on bordered paper, where each square corresponds to one loop. When knitting for each color used a separate coil, in accordance with the slope of the strip in each row, moving from one color to another, two or more loops.

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