Round neckline gate. When knitting a sweater or blouse with a round neckline the first condition is a strict adherence to the pattern and calculation based on the form of the number of loops that need to be abated at once in the middle, and the number of loops that should decrease gradually on both sides.

The neckline on the front usually, once the back is ready. It usually begin at a depth of 8-9 cm for the female and male pullovers or blouses, counting down from the neck on the back, and 5-6 cm for children's clothes.

To get the roundness of the neckline, subtract from 10 to 16 loops in one row depending on the thickness of woolen yarn, i.e. if the yarn is thicker, subtract the smaller number of loops and Vice versa.

To obtain more smoothly and beautifully knitted piping, secondary loop it is better to type on auxiliary needle instead of subtract, and only later when knitting the borders they recruit. After the middle loop is taken, the product is divided into two parts and each of them buried separately. With side cut-outs make obuvki in every front row, and subtract the first 3 loops at once, then two times for 2 loops, and finally by 1 loop until, until you get the chosen shape of the neckline and the width of the shoulders. Reaching the appropriate width of the shoulder without receiving the necessary depth of the cut, knit straight up, without making ubavo until then, until it reaches the required depth.

In the same way close up the other side. After assembling the front and Back loop gain in order to seal the neck with a rubber band or "rope". Loop strung from the front side. For women's blouses they begin at the dorsal slit, and with men's sweaters on the left shoulder commonly leave cut.

The number of loops for bakey different and depends on the thickness of yarn from which to knit, and the size of the pattern. Commonly the number of loops is from 120 to 130. Bake knit with thinner spokes N2 or 2.5 with a rubber band. The width of the borders is commonly accepted 2.5 cm and not more than 4 cm.

To obtain the elastic edge of the neckline, loop the last row close up in the following manner - back inside the loop, the front loop - there is, instead, to patch up only the front or the reverse.

Elongated neckline. With men's sweaters with sleeves or sleeveless usually, elongated neckline. To apply for the neckline, proceed as follows. Neck start along with Obafemi at the armhole or at least 1.5 cm after them, if you want to more closed neckline. From the place where begins the cut, the product is divided into two equal parts; leave one Central loop and knit each part separately. From the Central hinge upwards begin the design of the cut; for this purpose every three rows in the fourth turn from the front side by one hinge. So work until then, until you get a certain shoulder width. Then knit straight up to get the length of the sweater. So finish the first half of the sweater. The second half is knit in the same way as the first, but in the opposite direction. Such a neckline close bake of gum.

When the back and front are ready, they futurepay well, and then sew up the right shoulder and left open. From the left shoulder on the front side of the front dial right to left loop to the side, which knit elastic band up to 3 cm in width. To get the sharp end of the cutout in the middle give one Central loop. On both sides of this loop in every front row subtract one loop.

Dawasa Board elastic band, width 2-3 cm, all the loops are buried in the same row and follow the same sequence, i.e., front loop close facial, purl - purl.

To get a good square cut, it is necessary to work especially carefully when making corners. Dawasa to a height, from which to begin the cutout in the middle give as many loops as necessary for the installed width of the cut. Close up of each side separately, and knit straight up without ubavo. After both sides are ready, the loop gain for the Board. To get a well knitted rectangular neckline, to knit the first row of loops need to be adjusted so that the middle loop of each corner of the front. So I knit 2-4 cm and close up the Board. To obtain the elastic Board, extreme close up loop in the same way as their knitting, i.e., front loop close up facial, purl purl.

Back slit blouse

When knit blouse, which vymazat whole rear needs to be cut to 12-14 cm in length, measured from the neck down. Dawasa to the height at which to begin the cut, the product is divided into two parts, i.e. find the middle and only knit one half, and side slit knit at the same time, the Board usually consists of 6 loops, 3 of these loops take the other half. Board knit elastic band "rope" of viscous or "boucle", which continues up to the neck. After one half, strung another, pulling from the slit 6 of the loops of the inner (reverse) side, under the first Board so that one side covers the other. Pay attention to buttonholes on one side are evenly spaced; for women's clothes make them on the right side and male on the left.

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