Figure 638. Front view

Figure 639. Rear view

Knitting wool yarn. Knitting needles No. 2. Basic knit - in garter. Finishing binding - elastic 2x2. The alternation of 2 loops front and 2 reverse. On the underside of the elongated loops of the front loop. The product is knit from the bottom up with a rubber band 2x2. The width of the bands of 2.5 cm, then go to the main binding (scheme 1 (figure 640)).

Provatas gum, go to vyvazhivanii leg. Perform the rubber band, making allowance for free customized fit (every 3 loops it adds 1 air).

After finishing the pants, go to the back. Knit the back piece until the armholes. Do the armhole decrease. Extreme loops Rostock fasten "a rope".

With the strap before doing the same. Sleeve knit drawing. Finish product vyazaniem neck collar "stand".

Figure 640. Scheme

Figure 641. Scheme 2

Figure 642. Drawing back

Figure 643. A drawing of the front with strap

Figure 644. Drawing sleeves


Figure 645. Front view

Basic knit hosiery. Finishing binding - gum 1x1. Spokes - № 2,5.

On the spokes we collect the loop on the calculation and knit elastic 1x1. Then every 5 loops add one free fit. The basic pattern - drawing 647.

Figure 646. Rear view

Figure 647. Ornament

Figure 648. Drawing back

Figure 649. Drawing sleeves

Figure 650. A drawing of the front

Back and sleeves knit hosiery knitting. Before alternating stripes: 6 rows of hair primary color; 2 rows of coat of the finishing color and so repeated 3 times. Then 6 rows of knitting wool main colour and number 24 and finishing color. It vivasyan embroider or ornament pattern. Embroidery do cross.

Details sew. The neck made out "binding" rubber band 1x1.


Figure 651. Front view

Figure 652. Rear view

The spokes dialed the number of loops in the calculation. Vivasyan gum 2x2 (scheme 2) and go to the main knitting (scheme 1). The back and front knit on the drawing. Sleeve "Raglan" vivasyan rope. Elongated front crossed loops are removed on the underside. Hood knitting on the drawing.

Figure 653. Scheme 1

Figure 654. Scheme 2

Figure 655. Drawing back

Figure 656. A drawing of the front

Figure 657. Drawing sleeves

Figure 658. Drawing the hood

Staple product parts in place the zipper sew a zipper. Prepare the neck with a rubber band. To the elastic band sewn knitted hood.


Figure 659.

Basic knit - purl. Finishing binding - tight pattern (scheme 1, figure 660). Elastic 2x2 scheme 2 (figure 661). The spokes № 2,5.

Figure 660. Scheme 1

Figure 661. Scheme 2

Figure 662. Drawing back

Figure 663. A drawing of the front

Figure 664. Drawing sleeves

The back and front are knit from the bottom up according to scheme 1 (figure 660). Loop bands recruited through the calculation. Gum vivasyan width of 4 cm and Then do the addition on loose fit and knit according to the scheme and drawing up to the neck.

Sleeve vivasyan for drawing hosiery knitting. The collar "stand" runs on 4 needles elastic 2x2, 8 cm high.


Figure 665.

Basic knit - in garter. Finishing binding - scheme 1 (figure 665). Gum 1x1 scheme 2 (figure 667) or elastic band 2x2 3 (figure 668). The spokes № 2,5.

Back, and before you start with gum a width of 4 cm and Then do the addition on loose fit and knit according to scheme 1 to neck. Finished front and back, sleeves vymazat in the drawing.

Staple product parts vivasyan collar "stand" is same band as below.

The figure 666. Scheme 1

Figure 667. Scheme 2

Figure 668. Diagram 3

Figure 669. Drawing back

Figure 670. A drawing of the front

Figure 671. Drawing sleeves


Figure 672. Front view

Figure 673. Rear view

Basic knit - garter according to scheme 2 (figure 675). Finishing binding - wiring according to scheme 1 (figure 674). Knitting needles No. 2.

Figure 674. Scheme 1

Figure 675. Scheme 2

Figure 676. Drawing back front and sleeves

Figure 677. Drawing the hood

The back is knit from the bottom up in garter viscous. Edge details make wiring according to the scheme 1. Before I knit the drawing.

Finished front and back, move on to the sleeves. The sleeves are knit in the drawing.

Staple product parts vivasyan and sew hood.
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