Ending with a knit item that should button up, knitted fabric is not cut, and certain to fasten the seats to tie the loops for the buttons.

Hinge for small buttons.

The small loop for the buttons are as follows. In the right place on the front of the unit do yo, and immediately after the twist, that is promazyvayut two loops together. In the back row of the products yo vymazat like a noose. So it turns out the hole for strength primetyvajut with a needle. So you get the little loops for the buttons, which make primarily for the children's things, fine women's blouses and the like.

Cross loop for the buttons.

This kind of loop doing the following. In the place where it should be done in such a loop, with the front side lower from 3 to 6 hinges depending on what size loop you need to. In the next row, from wrong side, pick up the needle in the same place as many loops, much diminished in the previous row. When vyvazhivanii buttonholes, special attention should be sure the distance was the same between loops.. When knitting of the loops for the buttons on women's jackets or men's vests commonly are placed at 7 or 8 cm from one another. When children's things, the distance between them taking 5 to see If buttonholes are doing in the strap vests, they can begin no closer than 3 or 4 loops from the edge of the Board. Otherwise, they stretch and begin to tear soon.

Longitudinal loop for the buttons.

From the place where it should be done this loop button, the loop is divided into two parts. On one side of the buttonhole loop leave idle, that is not promazyvaya them. On the other hand, knit as many rows as necessary to obtain the required length of the buttonholes, and now these loops are not promazyvayut. Then take nepovezane loop on the right side and knit as many rows, how many have done on the other side to get the same number of rows on both sides. Then the hinges on both sides connect and loop close up.

Linking all the loops for the buttons, they primetyvajut for the strength of the sewing needle.

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