In order to make easy knitted clothes, it is necessary to knit the pattern. To build such a pattern requires the following measurements: total length, waist, bust, hip measurement - if the knitted product should be longer, the bust adds 8 cm, and sleeve length. Measurement of breast volume is particularly important for knitted garment: for knitted clothes lay well in the chest area. it needs to be wider. In the presence of all these measurements is not difficult at all to make a pattern that will help to link the comfortable, well-arriving clothing.

For the construction of the pattern desired smooth paper (best wrapping), ruler and triangle. In the figures of this pattern in half-size, but when you build them to do better in full size. The paper size should exceed the length and width of the pattern.

Build patterns for knitting
First, bend the paper into two equal parts. By the line of bend measured to the entire length and perpendicular to it - half the width; then measured the lines come together at a right angle (Fig. 1). On the outside of the line thus obtained rectangle is applied to all the measurements, and within the rectangle points, which will draw the pattern (Fig. 2). Straight lines is carried out by the ruler or triangle, and curves, such as the armhole by hand (Fig. 3).

Build patterns for knitting
Before you cut the pattern, it is recommended to check all the measurements. Special attention should be paid to measurement of length was entirely accurate, because knits stretch easier in width than in length. Special attention should be paid at cross-binding of certain products.

If the pattern needs to be increased in length, it is cut in two places above and below the armhole and pull up as shown in Fig. 4.

Build patterns for knitting
If you want to get the pattern, cropped size, then make two uniform folds, one arm under, the other above it (Fig. 5).

If you need a pattern wider than that which is available, then increase the shoulder neck line and the bust (Fig. 6). Once an individual item is bound and washed, it is well to put the pattern cut from white paper - colored paper can shed. Detail pinned on the made pattern the pins and leave to dry.

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