The first pattern is a Mirror triangles.

We use yarn for knitting: black color, dark and light olive green, green.

The basic pattern – front surface.

The green yarn is recruited 88 loops and are finished in garter viscous 4 rows.

Further work continued the front surface, performing the binding on the Central hinge 48. Alternate the colors of the threads:

  • 2 rows of black thread;
  • 2 row pale olive thread;
  • 2 row dark olive thread;
  • 2 rows with green yarn.

Knit this way, but only need the pattern to shift to the right side,green yarn every second row 15 times diminish by 3 loops.

Second, the mirror triangle, knit as well as to obtain, as if it were a reflection of the first triangle.

The second pattern is Large squares.

We use yarn blue, lemon and green.

The basic pattern – front surface.

The colors alternated randomly. Large knit squares: 20 stitches wide and 26 rows tall.

Changing the colors of yarn you have to cross on the wrong side.

Decorating squares of flowers, the contours do any bright color – provata row to the column without nakida in the overall fabric pattern. And the same color make the middle of flowers, in the form of fluffy pompoms.

The third pattern is a Pink flower.

We use yarn sectional dyeing several shades, namely, brown-green-pink. We have it and will be the main yarn. Also, to complement the fullness of the color and brightness of each flower takes advanced, and other colors of threads: blue, blue (slightly), sky blue and white yarn.

The basic pattern – front surface.

Choose a yarn with green hues, she's the main, and dial it 88 stitches. The front surface 5 cm are finished

Then at random it is necessary to introduce the yarn of other colors to make contrast. Knit into jacquard any pattern, or simply alternating colors of yarn.

It is now possible to decorate the canvas of beautiful colors. Canvas, which knit the main yarn must be divided arbitrarily into squares. Select the square done in a pink hue. Flowers knit, pink yarn, air loops, as prompts fantasy. Decorate them pink area of the canvas, in the centre, sew or bead, or a few bistrenok. To contour stood out well, it is necessary to stitch stalk stitch directly on the canvas from the front side.

The fourth pattern of Small squares.

You can use leftover yarn of different colors.

The basic pattern-knit – garter-knit.

Recruited 15 stitches for the first square, continue knitting in garter pattern, in this case, every second row, knit three stitches together, 7 times.

Second box: for edge loops of the first square, dial 7 eyes + 8 get, all are finished in garter pattern. Every second ryadochek are finished 7 times average three loops. By the way that drawing turned out beautiful, for each square, take the yarn of a different color.

The third and sixth squares are knit the same as the previous one.

The seventh square: recruited 7 loops on the edge loops of the first square + get 8 stitches.

The eighth square: recruited 7 loops on the edge loops of the seventh square and then 8 stitches at the edge loops of the second square.

The following squares tally similarly.

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