Cotton knee-socks with Norwegian pattern
These wonderful socks with Norwegian pattern will always save you from the cold. And their beautiful pattern will please the eye. There are plenty of schemes for knitting, and you will be able to choose for themselves the most appropriate. Sure you will love the knee socks, patterned or with braids. To tie jacquard pattern, you need to take two or more coloured threads. They need to be the same in structure and their properties. When you start to knit on the front side of the product to get a unique pattern while the reverse will weave.

For knitting you will need 100-110 g white yarn and 250-300 g of yarn is dark grey. Also need spokes № 3,5 and № 3 to tie the elastic.

First, you must gain between 70 and 78 of the loops in a circle. Yarn need to take dark grey. You need to bind up to 17 cm and Then take the spokes №3,5 and knit 2 rows, adding evenly to the first row of 4-6 loops. So you can keep track and avoid confusion, attach the label in the beginning of the row.

When the length of your product will be 33-35 cm, begins the reduction of the sock. To do 2 loops you need to purl together. That is, knit follows the far wall, not the front. All you need to purl every fourth row of 12-15 times. After that, the needle remains 12 loops, 24 loops put on the thread, and the last 17 stitches, leave the needle. Future heel will make up the remaining 28 loops.

Next, tie one loop of dark color, and the latter is definitely gray. For the heel type 14-16 loops from each side, and the remaining loop from the first stage of knitting. Continue to knit, picking up on both sides, 1 loop dark color. Then proverite 3 loops on the front side and one dark gray. Do this 6 times in a row. In the end, we got about 55 loops. Knit until the length of the product will be 22 cm After reducing the number of loops on each side. Thus, 3 loops link together and 3 are finished every second row. After that, tear off the thread and tie a good knot.

Knit 1 row until 8-8 loops, and then remove one and throw it on the associated front turn the product. Then again provarite 8-8 loops and a single loop throw with the other. Repeat these two stages, but with a 7-7 loops in both cases. So knit until until there are 16 loops.

I hope you will be pleased with the result, and you will wear socks with pleasure!

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