The bulk form

Hits:765 Simple products for beginners

Special plastic forms allow you to only flat soap, one side of which the front is decorated with relief and the other smooth. To produce large soap, beautiful from all...

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Hits:765 Simple products for beginners

Using a special silicone mold, you can make soap with subtle embossed patterns. However, there is a risk that the hot basis not completely fill the relief inside the mold...

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Hits:735 Simple products for beginners

Using a special plastic mold you can make beautiful soap with a relief pattern on the surface. It looks very impressive. So just select the color, flavor and pour the...

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Hits:805 Simple products for beginners

The fragrance of this soap will give the essential oil with citrus notes and the natural color is sea buckthorn oil. Fused soap inside a piece of loofah to perform...

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Hits:836 Simple products for beginners

Dried parsley is a spice, available to everyone. Razmerchik it, you will be able to make transparent soap a pleasant shade of green. However, small particles and tend to float...

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Hits:788 Simple products for beginners

Using red dye, the strawberry flavoring and poppy seeds you will not be difficult to make strawberry soap. However, the Mac, and coconut, - "stubborn" Supplement "unwilling" to sink in...

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Hits:809 Simple products for beginners

Added to soap coconut resembles snow flakes and creates a winter mood, the Cool fragrance of the essential oil of the Chinese mint will only strengthen it, make it more...

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Hits:775 Simple products for beginners

In the autumn hop cones adorn many suburban areas. Take a few to work and they will bring a unique charm to your soap!Choose young hop cones, they have a...

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Hits:752 Simple products for beginners

This soap was invented in February when like sunlight and summer aromas. Mixing essential oils of sweet orange and eucalyptus, you get a sweet, but at the same time very...

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Hits:783 Simple products for beginners

To make this soap as a basis use baby soap, for others, a special soap base.Baby soap different manufacturers differ from each other, therefore, the enrichment of soap may be...

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Hits:696 Simple products for beginners

Making simple plain raised surround and Soaps with various natural fillers is a good school for a beginner soap making.Regardless of the outcome, you will receive invaluable experience: understand how...

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