The fragrance of this soap will give the essential oil with citrus notes and the natural color is sea buckthorn oil. Fused soap inside a piece of loofah to perform the functions of the soft scrub.
As you can use a plastic bottle with a volume of 1.25 liters, after cutting off the neck, or a can of chips. In such tanks is completely filled loofah soap base. After cooling the resulting cylinder is cut across the grain into pieces of 100 - 150 g.


Main ingredients:
• 100 gr of transparent soap base
• 1/3 teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil
• 5 drops of orange essential oil
• 3 drops of essential oil of lemongrass
• loofah
 Loofah Loofah  

1. Cut a small piece of loofah, width slightly greater than the height of the molds.
2. To make the loofah softer, lower it into the boiling water.
3 - Remove them and squeeze.
4. Then place the loofah into the mold. Steamed in as it easily accepts any form.
5. Melt transparent basis. Add sea buckthorn oil and essential oils of orange and lemongrass.
6. Thoroughly mix the ingredients in a mini mixer.
7. Pour the mixture in the mold with the loofah. If it POPs up - press the top of a small load. When the mixture has cooled down, remove from the molds the resulting soap.
8. Cut off the protruding part with the loofah and lather on the surface.



The Council
Select the not perfect round and hard sponges made of loofah, and flat, soft, fine fibers.

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