Using red dye, the strawberry flavoring and poppy seeds you will not be difficult to make strawberry soap. However, the Mac, and coconut, - "stubborn" Supplement "unwilling" to sink in a soap-based, so getting started, please be patient - and you'll have a great strawberry soap!
Main ingredients:
• 100 gr of transparent soap base
• 2 drops liquid red dye
• 4 drops of flavouring "Strawberry"
• 1/4 teaspoon poppy seeds
Strawberry  Strawberry
1. So, melt the soap base. Add red dye, flavoring strawberries and mix well. When the base has cooled slightly, pour in it the seeds of the poppy.
2. Continue to stir until melted base doesn't become slightly viscous.
3. Slowly, to avoid bubbles, pour it into the form.
4. If Mac came out, continue to stir the base. If you take a break, the top can be formed film, which spoil the uniformity of soap. Making sure that the seeds never emerge, leave the soap to harden. After a few hours it will easily remove from the mold.
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