Added to soap coconut resembles snow flakes and creates a winter mood, the Cool fragrance of the essential oil of the Chinese mint will only strengthen it, make it more vivid.
In the melted basis, some natural fillings sink and some float. Coconut belongs to the second category. So it is distributed evenly in a hot basis, you will have to make some effort, the Main objective is to reduce the temperature of the base to light viscosity. Thus it is necessary to stir continuously, otherwise the top will begin to form a dense film. For a second, stopping, then watch what happens to coconut. If it gradually goes up - mean temperature basis is still high, and stop earlier. Do not use tinted flakes - the result is unpredictable.


Main ingredients:
• 100 gr of transparent soap base
• 1/2 teaspoon of coconut flakes
• 5 drops of essential oil Chinese peppermint

1. Melt the transparent soap base. Add essential oil and coconut flakes.
2. Stir the base until it lightly thick. It is important not to miss the moment when her consistency will be optimal, otherwise it has cooled completely and will remain in the glass.
3 - Making sure the consistency of the foundations of optimal - it is still fairly liquid, but the chips do not POPs up, fill in the Foundation form.
4. If you're a little quick and the chips floated, continue to stir the base right in shape. When the soap has cooled, safely remove it. Coconut will enhance the cleansing properties.


Blizzard Blizzard Blizzard Blizzard


The advice of the author
Coconut can be purchased in the store or make your own, rubbed coconut pulp on a fine grater and thoroughly dried.

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