Making simple plain raised surround and Soaps with various natural fillers is a good school for a beginner soap making.
Regardless of the outcome, you will receive invaluable experience: understand how to behave baby soap and soap base in a melted condition, when to introduce the additives and fillers as needed drops of essential and fatty oils and the smell of their mixture in the finished product.
Follow the status of their soap works for several weeks and have not changed their color to see if the mold due to the addition of, for example, fresh zest, not vanished, if the aroma.

Before you begin, read the following tips for working with baby soap and the basis:
• baby soap to melt better, add something sweet, such as honey or sugar;
• instead of water you can use decoctions of herbs. Decoction of chamomile will give a slight yellow tint, and a decoction of nettles green;
• specific smell of baby soap will decrease if you transform it, not one, but two or three times;
• do not use soap fresh fruit and vegetables, such as orange wedges or Mandarin, they will deteriorate;
• don't decorate the soap with dried flowers from bouquets or ornamental compositions - it is not known what dyes or fragrances used in their manufacture.

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