You'll need

Matting, length 75 cm, width 55 cm, thread floss in 3, 4 and 6 plies of white, pink, yellow, dark yellow, orange, red, brick, blue, light blue, light blue, light cornflower blue, green, dark green, grey, light grey, steel, black; embroidery needle; diagram of the pattern in full size; embroidery; tracing paper; transfer paper; pencil.


Tracing paper put the outline of the pattern and trace all lines. On the front side of the matting, place the carbon paper, she put the rubber stamp with a motif. Sharpened pencil transfer any line. Remove the tracing paper and carbon paper and slide the fabric in the Hoop.

All work will be done in color, satin stitch and seam "forward needle".

All stitches are put precisely. First, seam "forward needle" select all lines of the pattern. Then complete the stitch the major components: Dolphin, starfish, big fish. The middle part of a Dolphin embroider straight stitches thread in 6 additions steel color. A large part of the body fill satin stitch grey thread in 6 additions. Stitches alternately lay with the contour and inside the contour. In the next row the stitches start in the middle of the previous row and thread under the first stitches. Abdomen complete straight stitches in light grey thread. The pupils of the eyes, highlight short strokes thread black 4 addition. The nose and upper eyelid fill yarns metallic short stitches.

Medusa embroider thread in 6 additions in red. Each stitch should start from the middle of the star and arrange them in a circle, gradually filling the entire surface. In the next row stitches make shorter by 2-3 mm and start in the middle of the previous row. The third row of stitches needs to be filled in with long stitches. Under the rays of the stars embroider sucker deep yellow thread in 6 additions.

Striped fish follow the slant of the stitches with threads of red, orange and black colors. Eyes complete the short stitches in white. They highlight the pupils in the form of knots in black thread in 3 additions. Fins embroider straight vertical stitches orange thread in 6 additions.

Small fish make a short horizontal stitches with threads of black, brick and dark yellow colors in 6 additions and short vertical stitches in black.

The bottom of the picture do the satin stitch yellow, and dark yellow thread in 6 additions. The transition of tones make smooth. What each stitch new tones start in the middle of the previous stitch.

Coral bushes complete the straight vertical stitches of pink and red flowers in 6 additions. Algae also embroider straight stitches of green and dark green tones.

In the last turn fill the background of the painting blue and blue tones. The transition from one color to another run smoothly, without marking the boundary between them. What stitches following tones begin between the previous stitches. Note the bright air bubbles, slanted stitches embroidering their light cornflower blue and light blue thread.

Outwrite the finished embroidery from the wrong side through a damp cloth and insert it into the frame (Fig. 73).

Figure 73. The picture "seabed"
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