You'll need

Unbleached canvas length 80 cm, width 60 cm, thread floss in 2, 3, 4 the addition of white, gray, dark gray, blue, light blue, brown, beige, cream, red, green, blue-green, light green, dark green, dark yellow, black; embroidery needle; diagram of the pattern in full size; water-soluble marker.


Water soluble marker, transfer the pattern on unbleached canvas with the scheme.

All embroidery will be made of shadow and satin stitch, cross, light, and bar stitch, seam "forward needle", "back needle" basket and stalked chain stitch, eyelets with pakracani, nodules. Primarily satin stitch embroider the birch trunks white thread in 4 additions. Stitches place along the trunk, in each next row, start them between the stitches of the previous row. On top of the satin smooth surface make simple stitches dark gray and gray thread in 4 addition, highlighting the black lines and shadows on the trunks.

Twigs slender stalked embroider seam with brown thread in 4 additions. All stitches are place diagonally from the bottom up. Each next stitch, start in the middle of the previous on the right side.

The leaves of birch trees embroider eyelets with pakracani blue-green and light green

thread in 4 additions. Withdraw the needle with the working thread on the front side and make a loop. Pierce the fabric near the beginning of the stitch and bring the needle in the middle of the loops. Put on top of it a small stitch in the form prescripci.

In the next phase of the work of embroider of Ivan Tsarevich. Face embroider easy stitch thread white in 3 additions. Facial features highlight light touches dark grey thread in 3 additions. Hair embroider embroidery thread yellow color. Separate the stitches follow the thread of brown in 3 addition. The lower part of the face, neck and hands complete the stitch thread 3 adding the cream.

Collar, bottom of sleeves and shirt run blue thread dotted embroidery. The middle of the shirt embroider light blue thread in 3 additions. The belt will highlight the red thread in 3 addition chain stitch. The beginning of the seam do the same as a loop. Instead prescripci form the next loop, coming out of the 1st stitch. Therefore stitch the entire seam. The bottom of the shirt complete with a seam "cross" a red thread in 3 additions. Put the stitches from left to right, making the punctures, then with one, then with the other edge of the strip. The distance between them do the same. Stitches in the middle perekrashivat.

Upper legs, do the stitch thread 3 adding blue. The next part of the legs, fill the surface white. Place the stitches between the stitches of the previous row. Feet embroider thread 3 adding a dark yellow. On top of the lower and middle parts of the legs follow the seam "back needle" thread 2 addition of the black color in the form of intersecting lines.

Bow embroider dark yellow thread chain stitch. The string highlight brown thread stalked seam.

The grass run the bar surface dark green, dark green and light green thread in 3 additions. The spaces between them fill stitches cream color. Select the border dark green and brown strands 3-add seam "back needle". Gullies complete the bar stitch blue and pale blue threads. Stitches place horizontally.

In the foreground embroider a frog on a big bump. The frog follow the shadowy surface. Head embroider stitches green, the upper part of the back — threads of light green color, lower part of the back — dark green colour, the belly is cream. The neck of the fill threads of dark green, the inner surface of the legs with threads of a light green color, while the external threads of dark green. Eyes highlight beige color. Black thread 3-add seam "back needle" select the border between the different parts of the frog body. On the body of the frog make the knots thread black color 2 addition.

The crown on the frogs head embroider eyelets with pakracani dark yellow thread in 4 additions. Stalked at seam thread make an arrow in front of the frog. Tail boom embroider simple stitches, starting each stitch from the end of the boom.

Next to the frog shadow stitch embroider stone. First embroider the edges of the stone stitches slanting stitch thread 3-add brown. Then the middle fill with cream and beige thread colors. Start the stitches from the middle stitch of the previous row.

The leaves of the cattail complete stitches easy surface with threads of green in 3 addition. Each stitch is put along the paper. Stem stitch embroider stalked dark green thread. The fruit itself complete the short cross stitches thread in 3 addition brown.

Around the picture to make a frame basket seam. Pull the needle on the front side and follow the 1st stitch from left to right, taking 3-4 threads of the fabric. Then do the 2nd stitch next to 1st right to left. It needs to be 2 times longer than 1st. Withdraw the needle to the front side at the point of the 1st stitch, having it under the fabric and pulling in the middle of the 1st stitch on the left side. Make the 3rd stitch from left to right, taking 6-8 threads of the fabric. The remaining stitches will do the same.

Monochrome embroidery use the play of light and shadow on the surface of the pattern using different directions of the stitches. Why perform a vertical surface, slant and horizontal stitches.

At the bottom of the frame on the left chop the pancake seam and run instead, "goat". Embroider the "goats" on the right side at the top of the frame. The whole frame, follow the brown thread.

Iron the finished embroidery from the wrong side through a damp cheesecloth. Insert the embroidery into the frame (Fig. 70).

The painting the frog Princess
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