You'll need

Flap dark woolen fabric dimensions of 40 X 80 cm; foam sizes 40 X 40 cm; filament embroidery thread in 4 addition orange, white, lemon, lemon yellow, yellow, carrot, Golden brown, brown, terracotta, brick, marsh brown, marsh colors; scissors; embroidery needle; diagram of the pattern in full size; tracing paper; transfer paper; pencil; tape length 110 cm


Potholder is round, is made of shadow stitch, knots and stalked seam, edged with braid.

Cut-out flap wool dark fabric 2 of a circle with a diameter of 36 cm From the foam will have plenty of the same circle. Transfer the pattern from the diagram of 1 part using tracing paper, copy paper and a simple pencil.

Start the embroidery with large flowers. Mid run short stitches starting from the center towards the edges. Stalked panel middle seam, starting each stitch from the middle of the previous one.

Embroider the petals of the shadow surface. First, run the short stitches from the center to the edges. Next, lay between them more long stitches with a thread of a different color.

The middle 1 flower complete lemon color, the edge of the midway — terracotta, petals follow these Golden-brown and yellow tones. The second flower embroider the following scheme: the middle — lemon-yellow, and swamp flowers, the petals white and brick; the middle of the 3rd flower — brick and orange, the petals are lemon and white.

The flowers are of medium size, thin petals embroider short cross stitches of different lengths. In the middle, make a knot. What a needle obvate working thread 2 or 3 times from left to right. Tighten the knots, dropping them to the fabric. Some flowers do the lemon tones and the middle is orange or carrot color. Other colors embroider white with terracotta or brick at the center.

Small flowers do the straight stitches of the shadow embroidery. Start stitches with the middle flower dark tones, finishing with light. In the middle, make a knot of light strands. These flowers follow brown, terracotta and yellow.

Calyx-buds make a straight vertical stitches bog tones. Buds complete the slanted stitches bright tones.

In work it is better to have several needles, filled with yarns of different colors. This will save time when changing the color of thread.

The leaves also slanted stitches embroider marsh-brown and marsh flowers. The strands run stalked seam in brown.

Fold the 2 parts together, right sides out. Between them lay the foam circle. Baste to the edges of the braid by bending it in half. Prostrochite her, closing the slices potholders (Fig. 91).

Potholder Summer flowers

Figure 91. Potholder "Summer flowers"

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