You'll need

Flap cotton or linen fabric dimensions 30 X 60 cm; fabric lining dimensions 30 X 60 cm, foam size 30 X 60 cm, thread floss in 4 addition orange, red, lemon yellow, emerald green, gray colors; embroidery needle; diagram of the pattern in full size; tracing paper; transfer paper; pencil, pins.


On 1 side of the mittens is embroidered with a fish. Used surface with a "deck", stalked, chain stitch and buttonhole seams, polumetally with pakracani. The two halves of the gloves are connected to the looped suture.

Of flap cotton or linen fabrics will have plenty of mitten pre folded the fabric in half. The same mitten tailor made of lining fabric and foam. Transfer pattern to 1 detail of the main fabric using the tracing paper, diagrams of the pattern life-size copy paper and a simple pencil.

First embroider the contours of the trunk fish chain stitch with threads of red in 4 addition. Withdraw the needle with the working thread on the front side and form a loop on the left, down and right. Then insert the needle in the middle loop near the site of exit of the thread from the fabric. Withdraw the needle slightly below so that the tip of it is above the loop. The next stitch, run under the previous one. Thus embroider the contour of 1 stitch.

The contours of the fins and tail highlight stalked seam. Pull the needle close to the trunk and put a small stitch a little at an angle. Then withdraw the needle once again evident in the middle of the 1st stitch on the right side and put the 2nd stitch of the same length.

Eyes embroider the lace up orange. Pull the needle on the front side, around her make a few turns of the working thread from left to right. Slide the needle with the thread into the fabric near the site of exit of the thread. Knots, hold the left hand, pull down the fabric and tighten them. Around the eyes, embroider 2 circle red and yellow threads stalked seams.

The body of the fish fill in the floor loops with pakracani. Each stitch should start from the head. Pull the needle on the front side, form polypetala and slide the needle into the fabric about 3-4 threads from the beginning stitch. Bring the needle there in the middle of polumetally and make prakrama. Polumetally make red and yellow thread in 6 additions.

Fins complete gladeville stitches with threads of orange color. Tail embroider stitches of different lengths lemon thread in 4 additions. Draw the contours of the tail chain stitch with threads of orange and red shades.

Last embroider the surface with a "deck" circles grey and emerald green thread in 6 additions. First simple stitches follow the contours of the circles, then cover them with "deck", the top is close gladeville stitches.

Fold the piece of main fabric with the lining fabric wrong side inside. Between them lay the details out of foam. How all the pins. Edge sew a buttonhole seam with red thread. Why make a vertical stitch and make a loop to the right. Before performing the next stitch, slide the needle with the working thread through this loop. The remaining stitches will do the same.

Put all the parts together and stitch the loop edge stitch grey thread in 4 additions. Make stitches with a length of 8 mm (Fig. 90).


Figure 90. Gauntlet

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