You'll need

Poncho made of dark wool fabrics, fine wool yarn in 4 addition of red, pink, Burgundy colors; embroidery needle; diagram of the pattern in full size; embroidery; chalk.


The pattern will be located on the front and back halves of the poncho. It is made stitch, seam "back needle" stitch.

Transfer the motif to the product with chalk and diagrams of the pattern in full size. Tuck the fabric in the Hoop.

The embroidery is often used in imitation of carving. It is performed 2 thread blue and light blue or green and light green, etc., It is used only in combination with other types of counting stitches.

Start to embroider with large flowers in the middle of the poncho. The middle of roses fill the vertical stitches of the satin stitch with threads of Burgundy. Around midway embroider the petals are slanted stitches pink and red thread. Petals of different colors, place one by one.

Leaves oblique and direct embroider stitches thread pink. Vein scroll Burgundy threads, seam "back needle". The stems make red threads, seam "back needle".

Edge poncho panel hinge seam. Follow the vertical stitch and shape on the right side of the loop. Start from the 1st stitch to the right side, and pull the 2nd stitch on the wrong side from top to bottom, leaving a loop under the needle. Tighten the thread and follow the remaining stitches the same way (Fig. 84).

Poncho with embroidered roses

Figure 84. Poncho with embroidered roses

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