You'll need

Ready white blouse of a thin fabric (Batiste, Voile) sleeveless and collarless with dropped shoulders; thread floss in 2 addition light pink, light purple, Li-monno yellow, dark green, light green colors; scissors; embroidery needle; diagram of the pattern in full size; tracing cloth; awl; colored chalk.


Ready blouse of light fabric is decorated with embroidery along the edge of the neck on the front and on the bottom of the product. The edges of neckline and armholes is made with scallops. In the embroidery used glideway cushion, vergasov, bed and stalked seams, loops with pakracani, seam "forward needle" and "back needle".

Transfer the circuit pattern on tracing paper. Awl along the contours of the motif of the holes. Attach the tracing paper to the fabric and draw all lines of colored chalk. Remove the tracing paper and highlight the outline of the pattern, seam "forward needle".

Petals complete orgasom thread in 2 additions. Withdraw the needle with the working thread on the edge of the petal, and pull the stitch to the middle of the flower. Pull the needle thread to 1 thread of the fabric to the left of this stitch and make a stitch towards the edge of a petal. On the reverse side make a small stitch along the contour of the petal. Thus embroider the whole petal. The rest of the petals will fill in a similar way.

Middle of the flower complete the loops with pakracani thread in 2 additions lemon yellow color. Pull the needle with the working thread on the front side in the center of the flower and form a loop. Finish the stitch at the exit point of the filament, print in the middle of the loops and make prakrama. The other loops run the same way, arranging them in a circle. Each loop start at the center of the flower. The edge of the middle of the scroll seam "back needle". What every stitch on the front side put in reverse and reverse — forward.

One third of the flowers embroider light pink thread, 2-s — light purple, the other red.

Embroider the leaves with a dark green thread 2 addition of the backing seam. Bring the needle with the working yarn at the base of the leaf on the front side and make a small stitch along the contour. Then loop the thread on the other side of the leaf and lay there a stitch on the front side in the circuit. Again loop the working thread to the left exactly at the end of the 1st stitch. Therefore, run the whole leaf. From the front its contours will be marked with stitches and on the wrong side they are made in the form of intersecting lines.

Veins of leaves mark seam "back needle" dark green thread in 2 additions. Embroider stems with light green thread in 2 additions stalked seam. All stitches lay at an angle to the contour. Every stitch, start in the middle of the previous one and the same side.

The edges of neckline and armholes treat by gladium roller. Edge sew simple stitches. Fold the fabric on the wrong side of panel and tight gladeville stitches. The same pattern embroider on the hem of the blouse (Fig. 78).

Blouse with dropped shoulders

Figure 78. Blouse with dropped shoulders

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