The basic pattern of jacket can be used for the manufacture of thick tissue on the side strip, the lining, the batting, and also jackets of very thick fabric warm lining.
Put on a sheet of paper front and back basic patterns (figure 267, thin dashed line), edit it to make the same changes as for the surrounding jacket (see figure 265), except for the armscye curve and lateral sections.
From the end openings of the base patterns are put horizontal segment of length 2.5 cm (see figure 267, TIC). From crosses parallel lines down the middle of the swipe a thick dashed line. If the extension at the hip line is not enough, add the missing value and connect lines the arm openings and hip oblique lines.
On the front and the back on the new lines of the side sections, starting from the chest, put straight down segments length of 2 cm, plotting points connect smooth lines with lines, as shown in figure 267.

Coat of a straight silhouette

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