Briefs can be produced from both normal malorastvorima fabric and knitted fabric which has great stretch that has to be considered when performing patterns.
The most comfortable panties with a gusset that can be used as casual and beach.
Draw a vertical line mid-front pant halves (figure 565). Using the upper point of swipe to the right, perpendicular to her waist line. Subtract from measurements of thigh girth of 3 cm and divide the resulting value by two (for example: 95-3=92 cm; 92:2=46 cm). Put this cut at the waist and slide down a line the middle of the back halves of cowards parallel to the line of the middle of the front half. Cowards
A decrease in the measurements of the circumference of the hips caused by the fact that for ease of motion lower section of the front half performed slightly above the hip line. Directed on the bias, it creates an extra stretch of the fabric.
To construct the hip line AB 2/10 take measurements of the circumference of the hips (2/10 from 95 cm, i.e., 19 cm) and add to the value of 1.5 cm (19+1,5= 20,5 cm). For thighs circumference less than 80 cm, the gain is 0.5 cm, for circumference 80-95 cm — 1 cm, for circumference over 95 cm 1.5 cm amount set aside from the waist line along the lines of the middle and draw a line AB.
From the notch down And put the segment equal to 1/10 of the measurements of the hips, and put nadziejko (see figure 565). Through nadziejko With right swipe horizontal length of 5 cm and put nadziejko D. Segment CD equal to 5.5 cm for the hips over 110 cm and 4.5 cm thigh girth of 70 cm or less.
To determine the length of cut will BE put off from a point down the line, is equal to 2/10 measurements of the circumference of the hips (2/10 from 95 cm, i.e., 19 cm). To the left horizontally from the notch e of the guide segment EF is equal to segment CD.
Divide the segment AB in half (nadechka G) and AG is also cut in half (nadechka N).
From the notch D ostavite perpendicular to the line CD to the intersection of the line And at the point i. Put it on the cut Dj. equal to 1/3 of the segment Di.
For holding the line of the cut cowards move from the notch to the left segment, is equal to 0.3 cm; from the notch i to the right— of 1-2 cm from the notch N up — 1-2 cm from the notch G and down 1-2 cm. Through the obtained point swipe a curved line, as shown in figure 565. To obtain the patterns of the lining gussets, the front guide curve passing 1 cm below the notch And through the midpoint of the segment ij.
In the drawing, the rear halves put down from the notch BE cut In 1/3 and put a point K. Guide curve, as shown in figure 565.
To the lining was intact, connect both parts of it along the lines EF and CD , aligning, if necessary, line the bottom slices. Fold the paper through the middle and move the line to the other side to get the full detail (figure 566).
The gusset can be cut out entirely with all cowards or separately mold lining. Cowards
Beach panties apply the second method of construction.
Pants cut out, positioning the line means oblique to the direction of the threads. Waist add a strip needed to pull the elastic braid.
In shorts fantasies can provide tucks and clasp at the waist.
Line the bottom of the cut in the shorts for everyday wear a soft elastic tape, in beach shorts with strip of cloth, cut in the oblique direction yarns, in which thread a narrow elastic band.
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