In the upper part dimensions of the combination should be close to the size of the figure. Below the hip line combination expands depending on the model.
Despite the lace trim, which is often used for decoration combination, the template must be fully completed, and then modify it in accordance with the model.
The combination of casual "Princess" (figure 561). This classic model is most often used as a cover dress. Do it with a narrow-banded or broad-cut straps. Combination
In the drawing the combination off the following measurements: length of back to waist line; length of back from waist to shoulder; the length from the waist to the shoulder; the depth of the neckline from the base of the neck; overall length (5 inches shorter than the dress).
Turn the mold bases, marking on the back of the reliefs from the shoulder and slice through the middle of the back (figure 562).
To find the point of beginning of the straps from points R put on both sides of the upper tuck. 10.5 cm (chest girth equal to 95 cm; nadechka A). For large size bust add to the value of 0.5 cm for every 5 cm increase; for small sizes subtract in the same proportions.
To mark nadziejko In (depth neckline), put in the middle of the front 5-6 cm from the level of the notch (dashed line and wavy arrow). To a combination of better fit in the chest area, increase the solution tuck (upper) 1 cm
The upper section of the back should be drawn so that it covered the bra. Tuck front and back at the waist move with the drawing basics, from their straps. At the level of the armscye curve reduce the width of the bodice by 1 cm and increase it by 1 cm at the level of the waist line. New guide lines of the side sections, as shown in figure 562 (solid lines).
If necessary, provide a tuck from the middle of the front with a solution, equal to 1 cm chest girth no more than 90 cm and 2 cm for chest girth more than 90 cm.
To obtain the expansion skirt build polopoly, adding 2 cm to the numbered lines.
The length of straps measured on the continuation of relief from the shoulder cut (from front to back).
The direction of the grain lines should coincide with the line of mid front and back.
The combination of fantasy (figure 563). A characteristic feature of all models fantazi is the availability of relief under the chest and tight to the figure. Combination
Build mold bases, as described for the previous model (see figure 562).
To build the terrain (if there are no ready measurements) on both lines tuck at the waist line mark the boundary of the terrain (figure 564, With the notch). For bust 95 cm With nadechka is separated from the notch R of 8.5 cm; for every 5 cm increase in girth measurements increase this segment of 0.5 cm, and by reducing the volume will reduce by 0.5 cm for every 5 cm.
Pas level of the notch increase With the solution Darts at 0.5 cm on each side, and connect the resulting points with the point P in solid lines. Through the notch With the guide lines of the relief in accordance with the model.
To compensate for the decrease in the length of the product caused by an increase in solution tuck (nadziejko), aside from nasechek With the lines of the tuck lengths of 1.2 cm and set the notch D. Measure both lines, starting from the middle and from the side of the slice to nasechek With, and transfer these segments starting from the same points to nadechka D (dashed line). The notch D connect with nasecki E denoting the value of the solution tucks at the waist.
Thus, the curve of the front bodice consists of two parts: the upper one bounded on the bottom line of the relief, passing through the notch, and bottom line relief passing through the notch D.
The rest of the build performed as for the previous model.
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