The mold of this hood (figure 548) can be obtained by moving the seams in the mold of the classic hood. Hood type cap
For copies of templates of the model are given in figure 547, swipe, starting from the notch E, the lines parallel to the middle of the hood and the middle of the top (figure 549).
Connect these straight smooth line and put it On nadziejko spaced at an equal distance from the lines. At equal distances from it, make a notch 1. Measure the distance between nasecki 1 and About and put this piece straight to the right from over - cleavers 1 (nadechka about).
Guide line O2 parallel to the lines EG and EB. Strip at the top and rear of the hood cut out one piece, the connecting lines of O2.
A tuck at the back of the strips slide, as shown in figure 549.
The direction of the grain lines set in the side parts.

Hood type cap
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