Hoods Fantasia model, draping the fabric directly on the head, without making any builds. Therefore, we consider the most simple types of hoods.
Classic hood. The model is presented in figure 545. Classic hood
Remove additional measurements:
1 — the circumference of your head. Merck removed freely without tension (e.g. 60 cm);
2 — the height of the head. Measure straight from center back neck backless (nadechka A) to the top of the head (for example, 24 cm; In nadechka);
3 — the width of the top of the head. Measured without regard to the volume of hair (scoop removed in the upper part of the back of the head).
To build the curves of the hood draw lines the middle of the back, neck and shoulder with the basic patterns of the kind of clothing that requires a hood (e.g., coat).
Draw a slightly concave shoulder tuck from the neck with a solution of 1 cm and a length of 7 cm (figure 546). Extend the line of neck and shoulder cut on the value of the solution tucks.
Connect the curve of the back and front along the lines of the shoulder sections and translate the neckline and part of the middle of the front. Swipe perpendicular to the line mid-front, as shown by the dashed line, and put nadziejko x at a distance of 2 cm from the neck. Nadziejko x connect a smooth line with the neck of the back at the highest point of the shoulder cut.
From the notch up And put the segment AB, equal-measure the head height plus 2 cm (figure 547). Through the point In the horizontal sweep to the left, equal to half the measurements of the width of the top of the head (measurement 3). Check nadziejko E. Classic hood
Then from the notch down To put the cut is about 1/3 of the circumference of the head (measurement 1), and put nadziejko (e.g., 60:3=20 cm). Through nadziejko With swipe left horizontal line and place it above the received value plus 1 cm (nadechka D)
Fold the paper along the line ED and turn to the left from her line BE BC and. Put the notch G and F.
Finish the edge of the hood, connecting the notch D and H. a smooth line.
Depending on the method of connection of both parts of the hood (in the middle top or middle rear) direction of the common thread, specify one of these lines.
The hood lining from the main fabric can be placed over the entire surface using the template, or only visible in the lowered state of a part, enclosed between nasecki A, C, D and x, with a wide seam allowance. In this case, under the rest is otkroite lining fabric.
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