On a basic pattern of a jacket or coat to draw the line of the neck of the hood, telecronaca with podborta. The line length of the neck of the hood must be equal to the length of the line of the neck base patterns (figure 552, nadechka 1).
Continue the line of the middle of the collar up and place the segment AB with a length of 35 cm Through the point At right swipe perpendicular to the line AB of length 30 cm and place nadziejko S.
Continue the neckline to the right from the middle of the front 5 cm and mark nadziejko D). Combining the notch D and C, get the front edge of the hood. Continued down to the line of lapel model.
Equity floss in this hood may take place in the middle of the hood or in the middle of the top. The direction of the grain lines you can specify in one of my previous hoods.

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