Drawing straight capes (figure 542) is the basis of the construction of any drawings capes fantasy.
That the Cape did well on his shoulders, her draw on the basic pattern, with the additional use of the measurements taken: 1 — the circumference of the figure at the level of the breast line taking into account the shoulder parts are freely folded hands; 2 — length capes from the top of the armhole to the bottom front. The figures in the circles are used as constants.
The drawing of the front cushion slide before the base coat patterns, putting the arrow width at the bottom of the armhole. If the Cape will be worn for a dress, and a coat or jacket, extend the curve by 0.5 cm along the line of mid front.
To establish the width of the cushion at the level of the chest line put on it to the left 6 cm and place nadziejko A. to determine the width more precisely, it is necessary that the difference between the measurements of chest girth and size 1 wraps are divided by four and the resulting value is to be postponed to the left from the line side of the slice.
The resulting width plus 2 cm shift on a line parallel to the chest line and held 20 cm below it (radseck). Connect the notch A and B straight, continue down to the required length (radseck). Nadziejko And connect with the line of the shoulder cut, as shown in figure 542.
Drawing back cloak build as well as the drawing of the front, equating the line of the middle and lateral slices.
Drawing on the framework of the capes you can make further construction in accordance with the model (translation of top Darts, draw the collar and slits for hands).

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