Consider vtachnoy sleeve dress, a drawing is a part drawing of the base patterns.
When creating drawings of such sleeves should be remembered that the top part of the sleeve should be in the form and proportions corresponding to the armhole of the basic patterns. Sleeve has a bend through the elbow close to the shape of the hand.
On the basis of drawing fundamentals of sleeves you can perform different types of sleeves: short, narrow, shirting , sleeves and jackets , jacket coat Raglan , fantasies, etc.

Taking measurements for the drawing fundamentals of the sleeve shown in figure 167. The figures for the measurements are a continuation of the signs of the measurements taken from the figures earlier. Taking measurements
The length of the arm to the elbow 19 is measured from end of shoulder seam (armhole) until the protruding point of the elbow.
Length is to the wrist 20 is a continuation of measurements 19 in the direction of the little finger. The arm should be bent at a right angle, as shown in figure 167.
Circumference of the arm at the level of the openings 21 is measured by the naked hand with the dense fit of the tape measure to hand. The arm needs to be lowered down.
Circumference of the arm at the level of the elbow 22 is measured by the naked down the arm. The tape must tightly embrace the hand at the level of the elbow.
Circumference of the arm at the wrist 23 is measured, as the measure 22. Measuring the girth is better to shoot with both hands, as they quite often have a significant difference. Need to take into account only the highest values.
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