Classification of pockets according to various criteria is presented below:
The sign of classification Kinds of pockets note the Location on the surface of the product on the external front, sleeves, etc.- internal podborta, lined front, padded external pockets

Purpose pockets

  • create a functional container for storing items
  • decorative storage container for small items or insufficient, the pocket carries a decorative function

The location of the parts or surface areas of the pockets

  • side
  • top in coats, jackets, shirts, coats
  • back in skirts, pants, rarely in the shoulder clothing
  • shoulder patch
  • other on the collar, yoke decorative details

The direction of the entrance to the pocket

  • horizontal
  • vertical
  • inclined

Line shape of the pocket

  • straight
  • figure

The presence and type of fasteners

  • no clasp
  • fastens with a loop and buttons, the braid-zipper, buttons, decorative buckles, textile tapes, buttons etc.

Processing method

  • Welt the most common are:
  • side Welt with flap and 2 obrazkami;
  • side Welt with flap and 1 facing;
  • side Welt in the frame;
  • side Welt with leaves with nastronie ends;
  • side Welt with leaves with vtachnymi ends;
  • upper chest pocket with leaflets.
  • naprasnye
  • invoices can be with or without flap, lined and unlined, various configurations, with multiple inputs
  • seams can be with valves, leaflets, finishing lines and without them
  • mounted on the processing closest to invoice
  • combined for example, a patch pocket to the pocket, processed bramco
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