Pattern pelmet. From the get-draw patterns valances is to study the theory of matter and to understand what is pelmet.

Pattern valances

A pelmet may consist of one, two or three sections. Section width depends on the length of the cornice. Each section of the pelmet is in the middle of a smooth plot (1/3 of the width of the part) and on both sides of it is gathered plots (1/3 width). For lovers of the classics - the double-sided pelmet and curtains.

The first stage in the preparation of the pattern – width calculation lumbricina

If the pelmet consists of only one section, its width is equal to the length of the cornice. For lambrequin of two sections, one of which overlaps the other 1/3, the width of the section is calculated as follows: each partition consists of 3/3 = 6/3; you have to subtract 1/3 of that one section overlaps another = 5/3. Measure the length of the cornice, divide it by 5 = 1/3 of the width of the section. This value is again multiplied by 3 = the width of one section of the pelmet.
For three-section pelmet, where each section overlaps by 1/3: 2/3 9/3 minus (overlapping) = 7/3. The length of the cornice is divided by 7 and multiplied by 3 = the width of one section.

Drafting patterns section lumbricina

To make the pattern section of the valance, pin to the wall a large sheet of paper, draw a horizontal line with a length equal to the calculated width of the section (in the drawing, lines 1-2), and using the fixed points 1 and 2 of the cord hangs watertite the form of a section of the pelmet (the dotted line in the drawing).

This form is put on a sheet of paper. From the mid point of width of section (3) swipe down the vertical line and mark on it:
the height of the section (4) = point of intersection of the dotted lines and vertical
height of the paper pattern (4A) = height of the section plus the desired margin (depending on tissue density they make up 50 - 80 % of the width of the section, more for thinner fabric and less dense).
The bottom edge of the details of paper pattern will watertite with a compass: the center at point 3, the arc through the point 4, see drawing.
1/2 length of the lower edge section of the pelmet (1-4) shift on circumference of the circle from point 4A get the point 1A. In the same way defined point 2A.
The width of the section is divided into three parts - see points 5 and 6 = smooth plot. Now connect by straight lines the points 1A and 5 2A and 6 - on these sites the fabric will then be pulled down.
Avoid too thick draperies on both sides, along the bottom edge of the pattern to the left and right of land equal to 1/3 of the length of the lower edge, a little spremite, see drawing.
Points 5 and 6 connect the slightly rounded line. The item received cut

Cutting lumbricina

The fabric is cut at an angle of 45 degrees.
Three identical parts to cut out with seam 2 cm.

Job description

On the rounded edge of each section to do a double hem with a width of 1 cm.
In the hem it is better to put a special flexible metal belt. Fasten the ends.
Three parts are folded wrong side up. The middle section is under the two side.
Sew along the top edge with a seam allowance of 1 cm.
The top of the items received zautyuzhit on the wrong side in the width 2 see
From the inside of the pelmet, at a distance of 1 cm from the top edge to pristroit on both sides of the wkra curtain tape.
Strands of webbing to pull to pull only 1/3 of the width of each section right and left, while the middle third remained smooth.
A valance hang-out and strengthen on the ledge with the clips at the beginning, end and between sections.

If you really want to make a window expressive is not necessarily difficult to sew curtains and to wrestle with how to attach them. For the kitchen you can make a valance of linen floor length window height, and on the edge to do embroidery, cutwork, or sew lace. No additional side curtains are not required, and the style gives a very cute, rustic.

Need curtain tape 1.2-1.4 length of the window. The pattern is drawn the one given below. The length of the pelmet depends on the willingness.

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