The objectives and this lesson is a exercise of children in the first air loop and the creation of the resulting loops and paper applications.
In addition, work is needed on the location of the parts of an application according to a certain principle: in pairs or as a brush.

Lesson 8-9. A Rowan branch


Material. Sample of an application; half of the album or sheet of the same size coloured cardboard for the base, wool yarn red; strips of green paper with a width of 3 cm; map; travel; crochet hook; scissors, glue, paste brush, cloth, felt-tip pen.
Preparation for work. Talk with the children about trees, consider the illustration.



Lesson 8-9. A Rowan branch


The lesson

Children make riddles about trees.


Not caring about the weather
In the e white sundress walks.
And in one of the warm days
May gives her earrings.


What is this girl,
Not a seamstress, not a mistress?

Nothing she does not sew,
And needles all year round.
(Spruce, pine)


In the hay - bitter

And in the cold - sweet.

What for berry?



Lesson 8-9. A Rowan branch


Tell that flowery meadow in the Magical land of Knitting surrounded by many different trees, among which are the mountain ash with its beautiful racemes of red berries.


Ask the children:
• Review the sample application, pay attention to the shape and the paired arrangement of the leaves on the stem, the location of the berries in the form of a brush.
• Fold the strip of green paper like an accordion and cut out oval pieces of ash.
• Put a sheet of landscape upright marker to draw the stem, stick leaves to the base.
• To recall how to fit in the first loop, knit and cut a few loops.
• Positioning loops in the shape of the brush and sticking to the base.

The analysis will consider children received an application, note the most successful the size of the knitted loops to work on a composite hand of berries and leaves. Invite the children to think that you can draw the emblem of this spot on the map travel to the Magical land of Knitting.

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