Performing colors of the individual knitted loops allows you not only to learn the technique of performing the first air loop, but also allows you to create beautiful and unique applique.
Material. Album sheet for the basics of an application (the flower meadow, which strengthened the flower-pattern); travel map and logo - a circle with a picture of a flower; mugs of paper for sticking flowers; knitting hooks, thread, wool, or iris of different colors; scissors, glue,
brushes, cloths.


Lesson 7. Flower fields


Preparation for work. Talk with the children about colors, consider the illustrations of flowers, offer to draw different flowers. Prepare the basis for the application, draw the sky, the meadow, the sun. Consider the emblem-a circle with a flower-pattern, the petals of which are made of crocheted loops.


Lesson 7. Flower fields


The lesson:
Show the basis for the application "Flower meadow", which is reinforced with a single flower pattern. Remember, like drops of rain from the clouds watered the meadow.

Ask the children:
• Make a gift to the cheerful gnomes and decorate the lawn flowers, the petals of which are connected by the hook.
• Remember, as performed in the previous lesson, the first loop, where it was cut off from the strings.
• Tie and cut for five stitches for one flower.
• Stick the petals on a circle of paper to make the flower.
• Made flowers to stick into the clearing. Read poems about flowers, for example


Lesson 7. Flower fields

Windy in March

in April rains

In may of violets

lilies of the valley wait.


The analysis suggest that the children think that it is possible to portray the emblem of this stop in the journey to the Magical land of Knitting.

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