On lesson, children practice knitting in a circle, snapping the chain of air loops with polostevichi, the manufacture of napkins of the flowers associated of yarns of different colors.



The scheme of knitting doilies, the core of the napkin and separate flower; samples of wipes, is made of the colors associated of yarns of different colors, arranged in a checkerboard; yarn iris knitting hooks, scissors.


Lesson 40-41. The cloth doll


Preparation for work.

Drawing or performance of application patterns on the tissue paper.


The lesson

Use the game technique: doll is waiting for the guests, setting the table. Encourage the children to tie the cloth to the doll became even more colorful.


Lesson 40-41. The cloth doll

Ask the children:
• Consider crocheted napkins and tell:
• what it's like knitted cloth (flowers);
• what color are the flowers in the first (second) sample wipes;
• how they are arranged by color in the first and in the second case (rows, staggered);
• how many rows in a napkin;
• how many flowers in a row.
• To examine the pattern of individual flower count:
• how many petals in the flower;
• how many loops in the chain of the core (10 loops).
• Circle finger ring, starting from the initial loops, the marked points.
• Remember:
• what reception has turned the chain into a ring (connects the ends of the chain prostovisa).
• Link chain and to close it in the ring.
• To count under the scheme the number of loops in the petal (10 loops).
• To associate multiple colors.


In the course of analysis to pick the color of selection of colors for the napkins. To spread out associated flowers on the table and sew them into one large cloth.

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