The lesson children made of knitted circles surround a toy frog.



Thick knitted toys, beetle, spider, turtle, frog, jellyfish, starfish, fish; diagram knitting; patterns of parts; yarn of red and green colors; material for stuffing; colored paper; hook, needle with large eye; glue, brush for glue.


Preparation for work.

Before the lesson is a conversation about frogs, their life habitat; a discussion of the illustration.


The lesson

The lesson appears frog-traveler, who traveled a lot and finally decided to settle in the Magical land of Knitting, but doesn't know where it is better to build your own house: on land or in water. She meets up with the bug and spider, telling the frog how to live well on land where a lot of trees, flowers and grass, and the frog decides to settle on the land. But then she gets hot, she jumps in the water and there Converses with the inhabitants of rivers and seas: fish, starfish. The frog thinks for a long time, where she ought to live, and decides to live on land and in the water, and for what it came to be called amphibians. To the frog it was not boring, encourage the children to associate frogs-friends for a frog-traveler.


Lesson 65. Lyagushka-puteshestvennitsa. (Collective work)


Ask the children:
• Review samples of toys and say:
• what parts of the frog (head and torso, the legs, the head large mouth and eyes);
• what details should be linked for head-torso frogs (two green circles);
• what made frog's legs (from the knitted chains);
• detail of which colour to associate to the mouth of a frog (red, round).
• To consider the scheme of knitting circle:
• how many loops in the chain closed into a ring (5 loops);
• how many loops have one loop to knit two columns (using one).
• To link the circles for the body and mouth of the frog (every child knits his part. The size of the part determines, applying it to the template).
• Link 2 of the chain for feet length 8 - 9 cm.
• Stitch details round seam "over the edge", fill in the gasket.
• To make crafts with small details: glue eyes cut from paper, sew the legs - folded chains in the form of three loops.


In the analysis to assess the quality of the craft, be noted that the overall success depends on the efforts of each child.

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