On lesson, children practice the knit according to the scheme, net binding chain of air loops columns without nakida. Is working on compositional structure of the picture.



Sample of starfish; base panels; the pattern of sea stars; yarn, hook; glue, a brush and a rag for the glue.

Preparation for work.

Talk about the inhabitants of the seas, consider pictures of fish, seaweed, jellyfish, sea stars. Advise to carry out a paper-based mural "underwater Kingdom".


Lesson 63. Starfish  Lesson 63. Starfish


The lesson

On the panel, the basis for which was made by the children, depicts the underwater Kingdom from a Magical land of Knitting, and therefore, all algae, and the inhabitants should be connected from yarn.

Ask the children:
To examine the pattern of starfish and tell:
• how many loops in the chain closed into a ring (5 loops);
• how many loops in the chain-the ray of the star (8);
• what eyelets bound with a chain (columns without nakida).
• To associate the starfish, for this:
• to associate a ring of 5 loops;
• tie a chain of 8 loops (sunshine stars);
• tie the chain - the ray star with one side of the bars without nakida;
• to associate the second ray (a chain of 8 loops);
• tie it to the column without nakida, etc. All rays must be tied around the bars without nakido 3 - 4 times.
• How are the chains of which are composed of algae (Bush, tree...).
• To consider the scheme of knitting algae.
• Glue a knitted starfish and seaweed, placing them across the base panels.


Lesson 63. Starfish


In the analysis, mark the work of children in the depiction of algae, a good composition of the picture.

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