In class the children continue to practice knitting in the round crochet detail columns without nakida, knit, related details soft toys seam "over the edge".



Daisy made by children in the previous lesson; drawing of a ladybug; the scheme of knitting parts; templates for parts of the head, trunk; yarn in red and black; material for stuffing; hook, needle with large eye.


Preparation for work.

Talk with the children about insects, consider illustration.


The lesson

Show the children a Daisy, tell me that when she was growing up in the meadow, many different insects were resting on her, including the wire shown in the figure.


Lesson 61-62. I found a bug on the large Daisy...


Ask the children:
• Consider the drawing and call the beetle, the parts of his body - head, torso, legs:
• Consider the pattern of the head (torso) and tell:
• what loops are in the circuit (a column without nakida, air, polytypic);
• how many loops are performed addition (vymazyvaja 2 column from the 1st loop) (single loop);
• the details of a toy knitted in the same way (spider);
• how many parts should be linked to the head (trunk) bug;
• for knitting what parts will need the red (black) yarns;
• what is seam sewn (the seam "over the edge").
• Link parts to determine their size, attaching to the template.
• Sew the pairs of parts seam "over the edge".
• Fill the details of the gasket.
• Linked chain of air loops for the legs.
• Stitch details, sew the legs.
• Embroider eyes, point at the back.


The analysis will consider DIY, invite the children to invent a short story about a ladybug and her insect friends, with whom she met on Daisy.

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