Completing the Daisy petals, children learn to tie a chain of air loops of columns without nakida, to add a loop (double columns) in accordance with the scheme.



The big Daisy is made of cardboard, on one petal glued knitted from yarn petal; scheme knit; white yarn; crochet hook, glue, brush and a rag for the glue.


Preparation for work.

Children view illustrations and previously performed work, which depicted flowers.


Lesson 60. Chamomile (Collective work)  Lesson 60. Chamomile (Collective work)


The lesson

Bring to class a package envelope. Children need to guess a riddle to find out what is in the parcel.

Stands in a field, curly,
white shirt
A heart of gold.
What is it?


Ask the children:
• Remember where the daisies grow.
• Consider a Daisy which grew in the meadow in a Magical land of Knitting. This chamomile flower petals are made of yarn. Our Ball may have been in the country of Knitting. To conclude, what is the difference between single petal from the land of Knitting from all others (petal pasted knit stripe).
• To examine the pattern of petal:
• call loops, marked on the map (air, columns without nakida, polytypic);
• aerial count of loops in the chain (their number is arbitrary);
• hold a finger in the chain in the diagram, starting from the initial loops, the marked point;
• note that the penultimate loop of the chain vivaselecta the column without nakida, and then the bars move to the beginning of the chain (children encircle her finger on the diagram the path loops), and loops of the first chain of air loops vymazyvaja 2 columns without nakida, then the columns vymazyvaja of loops on the other side of the chain. So the columns bypassed the chain 2 times.
• To link the petal.


In the course of analysis related to stick the petals on a Daisy, be noted that all the children tried, and Daisy was again dressed as she was in the magic meadow. Will offer e the children to create emblems from your stay in the Magical land of Knitting.

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