Performing three-dimensional crafts, children continue to practice knitting in the round details on the scheme, get acquainted with the technique of banding of a chain of columns without nakida.



Toy or picture of a lion; the figure of a turtle; templates parts: head, torso; diagram knitting circle - the head and torso of a turtle and two types of brown yarn in different shades; material for stuffing, buttons for eyes; hook, needle with large eye.


Preparation for work.

Read children stories, one of the heroes which is a turtle, consider the illustration.


Lesson 58-59. Turtle


The lesson

Enable recording songs on friendship from the animated film. Suggest to guess, what kind of friends sung this song.
Show a picture of a lion cub and advise to link the turtle.

Ask the children:
• Consider a drawing of a turtle and think:
• what are the parts a picture of a turtle, the shape of each part (round body, head and oval feet);
• how to tie the round parts (two);
• how many legs have turtle (4 feet).
• Consider the pattern of the head (torso) and to clarify:
• what loops need to knit the item (air loop, Poustovit, column without nakida);
• how often vymazyvaja two columns from one loop (every second loop).
• To examine the pattern of paws and tell:
• how many loops in the diagram;
• what loops bound with a chain (columns without nakida);
• how many loops to vivaselecta at the end of the tie bars chains (two columns from the same loop).

• To relate the details of head, body.
• Sew pairs of round parts with a seam "over the edge".
• Fill sewn part of the head and trunk gasket.
• Link's feet.
• To sew the head and legs to the torso.
• To sew the eyes (buttons) of a turtle.


Lesson 58-59. Turtle


During the analysis, consider toys that invite the children to come up with the names of the turtles.
Note. The toy can be done collectively: each kid knits any detail, and the teacher joins them all together.

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