On lesson, children practice knitting in the round parts, the production volume of knitted toys.



Murals wide web, made of knitted chains; sample toy spider, yarn black and dark gray; hook.

Preparation for work.

The implementation in the previous lesson mural "House spider".


Lesson 56. Spider  Lesson 56. Spider


The lesson

Ask the children:
• Remember, for any insect they performed the house in the previous lesson.
• Consider a knitted toy spider and tell:
• what parts of the hack (head, torso, legs);
• what is the shape of the torso (round);
• the size of the head (the torso);
• the material from which made the crafts (yarn);
• what color is the yarn of which is associated with the body of a spider;
• how many of the parts are made the body of a spider.
• To consider the scheme of knitting and define:
• what loops and tied the legs of the spider (air);
• how many loops in the chain.
• To recall how to tie the round part:
• what loops are tied round the parts of the body (chain of 5 loops are connected in a ring polostevichi, followed by knitting in a circle-a spiral of columns without nakida. Every second loop are finished the two columns without nakida).
• To make a spider friends. For this to link:
• the chains of the legs of the spider;
• the two parts of the body.
• Stitch details, seam "over the edge", leaving a small opening for stuffing.
• To fill the sewn part of the DIY gasket, sew up the hole.
• To the head to sew on the eyes.


In the analysis note that now the spider will not be bored, because he made a lot of friends.

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