On lesson, children practice knit chain of air loops and use them for appliques.



The Foundation panels (cardboard half the size of a landscape sheet) markup web images; each child markup chains; grey yarn, hook; glue, glue for cloth; illustration with the image of a spider or a sample of knitted toys.


Preparation for work.

Talk with the children about insects, their habitat, lifestyle. Consider the illustration of insects.


The lesson

Tell me what the lesson will be the guest, if the children can guess the mystery about him.

The fly let out a yelp first:
Ah, look at that lace!
- And were in lace
Gone head!
Poor thing, as if in mud,
Drowned in the ... (web)


Lesson 55. Mural House spider (Collective work)


Ask the children:
• Answer the questions:
• whose house is the spider web (spider);
• on the web (for fishing net).
• Linked chain of air loops, the length of the chain to determine the reception of the chain to the marks on the diagram.
• Glue all the linked chains on the basis of the panel in accordance with the layout of the web.

In the analysis note that the house spider was beautiful, because all the children tried, and chains turned out neat and the same length.

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